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Top promotional product ideas for business travelers

The best promotional merchandise is useful for your customers and can be taken anywhere. For regular business travellers, functional and small branded items work best.

With more professionals than ever spending weeks on the road, be it for conferences or meetings with customers and suppliers, you should think about offering them perfect promotional items that they’ll use while away.

And when you do, your brand name will be carried around the country, and quite possibly abroad, too!

At Clone Media we offer a wide range of promotional merchandise that will show off your business brilliantly. We’re always prepared to align new trends with promotional products. So, here are our top  recommendations for items you can give to business travellers.

1 Power banks

The modern business person relies on their phone and laptop or tablet to stay in touch while they’re working on the road. There’s nothing worse than the phone battery going when you’re expecting a call or need to check emails. And the battery on the laptop or tablet draining when you’re away from a socket is infuriating.

Power banks are the perfect solution, small enough to pop in the travel case and powerful enough to recharge any device. Your customer won’t just use it once; they’ll do so time and again, and thank you for it!

2 Earphones

Comfortable earphones are not just ideal for listening to music on the move; you can also work in silence on your laptop, watch movies or a webinar without anyone else having to listen in. For the business person on the move, your branded earphones will be ideal.

3 Water bottles

A great thing for the environment and your business. Everyone is becoming more aware of the need to limit throwaway plastic bottles. Providing a branded reusable water bottle means your message will be carried far and wide over a long time. Your customer will have your business in mind every time they use it, and they’re giving you free advertising to everyone else in the train/plane/hotel.

4 Travel mugs

Any business traveller clocking up the motorway miles will appreciate a branded travel mug. They’ll make a piping hot tea or coffee first thing in the morning, take the mug in the car and enjoy the hot drink over the course of hours.

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Clone Media can provide all these products, and many more, branded just for you, which will then be shown off along the highways and railways of Britain and beyond.

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