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Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re continuing to help our clients’ ongoing marketing efforts by creating and distributing printed communications.

In April, we undertook the largest print and direct mail campaign in our ten-year history – producing 1.7m units of uniquely personalised print, in ten languages, delivered across four continents, helping to drive our B2C client’s marketing message home (figuratively and metaphorically) to a largely captive global audience.

We’ve continued to supply sensational retail packaging to clients whose sales have dramatically increased throughout the lockdown period, including branded shipping boxes for performance cycling brand Le Col.

In order to help employers reconnect with their remote workers, we’ve fulfilled individual deliveries of training materials, incentives and goodies – from coffee percolators to healthy snacks.

We’ve helped deliver key video messaging directly to delegates of cancelled trade events, ensuring marketing teams can rescue some sort of direct contact from otherwise abandoned or postponed shows.

Our global supply chain has enabled agencies to continue to drive awareness of their clients’ brands through cool swag, distributed directly to their most important stakeholders.

We continue to work on bespoke personalised print campaigns linking students to higher education options.

Our job is simple. We help our clients achieve the best” bang for their buck” when it comes to print spend. We advise the best routes to market and we deliver exceptional campaigns globally, efficiently and on budget. We can get involved from the conceptual planning stage and offer insight into how to increase ROI based on your specific objectives.  Or, come to us with a complete brief and utilise our extensive experience to help you get your campaign out cost-effectively.

With UK print production capacities at an all-time low, and less marketing “noise” generally, now could be the perfect time to plan to reconnect with those people most important to your business.

If and when you decide to, we’re on hand to help.


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