Ten reasons why direct mail works better than ever

In today’s hi-tech digital world, it’s easy to think direct mail must be a thing of the past. After all, who uses the post anymore?

But the truth is completely different. Direct mailers have changed dramatically as design and printing techniques have developed. Now, you can deliver wow factor straight through your customers’ front door.

Lasting and versatile, targeted and effective, direct mail is personalised and, therefore, already familiar to the customer. Aligned to a digital campaign, it will grab their attention.

So, what are those ten reasons why direct mail is better than ever? We’re glad you asked. Direct mail:

  1. Generates a high ROI. This is demonstrable. It works.
  2. Is no longer common. If anything, it’s now more exclusive and certainly less boring than it used to be.
  3. Increases your brand awareness.
  4. Works for all age groups.
  5. Allows your creativity to show off your brand in a memorable way.
  6. Is easily trackable. You know who you’ve sent it to, and you can track responses via unique calls to action.
  7. Complements digital activity. Pique the customers’ interest online, seal the deal with direct contact.
  8. Allows for awesome creativity. Push the boundaries of what you thought possible.
  9. Takes personalisation to a new level. You know more about your customers than ever before.
  10. Remains effective long after it lands on the desk

How do you create a strong direct mailer?

  1. Include a strong call to action

Your product might be the best in the world, but it will still sell more if people think they’re getting a good deal. An offer will, therefore, always get a better response. Whether that be a buy one, get one free offer, percentage off or discounting a product or service.

  1. Design to attract attention

You have only three seconds to grab the reader’s attention before your advert goes into the bin. Design it so your customers can recognise your brand while digesting the key message and understanding the value on offer.

  1. Use targeting data to your advantage

Maximise your success by ensuring the right customers get your direct mailers. The greatest design and content in the world will mean nothing to the wrong audience. To get your mailer in the right hands, use mailing lists or customer targeting data to make sure you are hitting the customers most likely to respond.

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