Our tips on how to drive customer engagement

In an overly digital world, we have to work a little smarter (notice, not harder!) when it comes to finding ways to drive customer engagement in the print marketing arena. It might feel safer to just stick with what we know, but it can’t hurt to do a little work from all angles, can it?

Why do I need to drive engagement?

A strong brand image is the epitome of success and expertise; your marketing works for itself when you have a loyal customer base who regularly advocate for you. But to reach these dizzying heights, you need to create a strong foundation; and that starts with customer engagement.                                                       

Our tips on driving customer engagement 

We’re going to share our five top tips on how to drive customer engagement to ensure they stay loyal, spread the love, and you stay on top of your game.

#5. Be Relatable 

Ugh, there is nothing more cringe-inducing than a brand that just doesn’t get their target audience. One of the most effective ways to be relatable is to share your values openly. It’s believed that ‘89% of consumers relate to brands that share the same values as them’. 

Be prepared to put some work into really getting to know who you’re marketing to; those customer journey flow diagrams we are all used to are still so important in understanding what they want and need, so give it to them! 

#4. ‘Reten-SHUN!’ 

Customer retention goes hand in hand with customer engagement; engaged customers will stick around or return when they need you, right? Engaged customers will tell their industry peers about you. Engaged customers will spend more money and more often. That’s customer retention. 

Say, for instance, you did all the swag for a brands’ goodie bags they were handing out at an event. The next quarter, why not send them a freebie with a couple of your newest products, with their branding, of course, thanking them for their custom? Or get your timing right and mail it to them around 6-8 months later to remind them that you did their swag and did they need more this year? 

It’s also much more cost-effective to retain current customers than it is to acquire new ones..! 

#3. Use Video 

Well, video brochures. That video you’ve had made for your socials? Put it in a brochure and send out a direct mail campaign. Perhaps create a personalised Christmas video message to land on your current customers’ doorsteps. Keep them curious, keep them feeling valued; keep them. (see, that whole retention/engagement thing?)

#2. Be Social 

Did you know that 70% of retail website visits in 2021 have been made via a smartphone? It’s not surprising when you learn that 90% of people buy products from businesses they follow on social media; we’re all guilty of scrolling through the feeds when we’re supposed to be switching off! 

Making sure your social game is up to scratch suddenly seems much more important, doesn’t it? You’ve got lot’s of competition for attention out there, so make sure the content you’re putting out there is catchy and conversational; ask questions, run polls, offer prizes, whatever suits your business. 

#1. 5-Star Service

And what brings this all together? You guessed it, your Customer Service. An excellent service = happy clients who want to return whilst telling all of their friends how great you are.

A bad service? The cries of “I’ll never use them again” “Avoid at all costs!” start emerging, something you will have worked hard on to avoid. 

Create a seamless journey for your customers, from your advertising and contact streams to your delivery timescales and after-sales care. Nail this and you’re winning the customer engagement game. 

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