Eco-friendly promotional merchandise – gifting with the purpose

When it comes to promotional merchandise and branded gifts, it’s important to consider your impact. Not just the impact you make when handing your clients or visitors a beautifully branded item but the impact you have on the environment and the world around you.

“47% of respondents said that they had switched a product/service because it a company had violated their personal values – the leading cause was the ‘environment”

Sustainable merch 

Whether it’s an everyday item that you know your client will use on the regular, such as a tote bag, a travel mug, or even a USB stick, it’s beneficial to consider the sustainability and ecological effects of what you’re ‘putting out there’.

Whatever your business, it’s vital that we’re all doing what we can to be as sustainable as possible – and that includes our approach to promotional merchandise. With so many eco-friendly and recycled products available it’s never been easier to consider your impact.

Show you care 

Data from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)’s 2020 Global Ad Impressions study found that 46% of consumers tend to have a more favourable opinion of a business if the promotional product they receive is eco-friendly. Making better choices is not only good for the environment but is great for business too.

Mindful gifting 

It’s important to think about how essential that item is for the person receiving it. Rather than sending an entire gift bag of treats, how about one well-considered eco-friendly, and seriously practical product?

You can increase your brand awareness whilst at the same time being mindful of your company’s eco-footprint.

Think about the items that you really only need one of and consider making that your branded product.

Items such as

  • A yoga mat made out of cork
  • An environmentally friendly computer bag
  • A bamboo lunch box and cutlery set
  • Fairtrade food
  • Packs of seeds with planting materials

All of these products can be branded to work within your marketing strategy. They can also factor in the environmental impact, as well as focusing on that all-important question ‘does your client really need it?’. When you start thinking along this line you’re looking at marketing from a mindful perspective and taking into account the true meaning behind your merchandise and how you can gift with purpose.

Here at Clone Media, we’re always looking at ways we can take better care of the world around us and provide our clients with sustainable solutions. By thinking about gifting in a more mindful way you could definitely make a bigger impact all around.


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