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Bespoke FSDU for Travel 2


Travel 2 has been sending discerning clients on holidays of a lifetime all over the world for more than 35 years. It’s a competitive marketplace, and the company wanted a retail display to catch the eye and encourage people to take away a brochure. The campaign destination is New Zealand, so a high-cost choice that deserves creative and rewarding marketing twists.


Clone Media devised a unique free-standing display unit (FSDU) that showed off the Travel 2 offering with an interactive and engaging feature. A video brochure was integrated within the FSDU, designed to catch the eye within travel agents or retail outlets. We added a pocket for traditional A4 brochures, so once prospects had been pulled in by the video, they could take some eye-catching literature away.

We made the FSDU especially for this job, designed to accommodate and take the weight of the video brochure and A4 brochures.


Travel 2 loves Clone Media’s innovative design. The units are being distributed to retail outlets at the time of writing, and they anticipate the results will offer a significantly higher return on investment compared to traditional FSDU.


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