Print Marketing mistakes to avoid Pt. 2

More mistakes in print marketing to avoid

We previously covered 4 of the biggest mistakes in print marketing we’ve come across over the years and gave our two cents on how to avoid them. 

It proved pretty popular, so we thought we’d give you four more tips.

Lack of clear CTA

It’s easy to get caught up with pretty pictures, fonts, where your logo will sit whilst remembering to add your digital information. Still, if you forget a clear call to action, the intention of your material may be lost and fall flat completely. Are people supposed to book your service? Visit your website for a freebie? Attend your event? You’d be surprised at the number of times key information such as this is missed!                                                                        

Tip 1:

Decide what your CTA is going to be before designing the rest. This way, the intent of your material won’t be lost amongst all the ‘pretty’ elements you add.

DIY Jobs  

Some businesses are lucky enough to have in-house design teams; they are invaluable for marketing! However, not everyone has this luxury. It’s really tempting to save money and time by just hashing something together yourself, but even if you use the best free tools out there, your message and branding can become lost behind unclear and confusing designs.

Tip 2: 

If you don’t have any internal designers, we can’t stress enough how important it is to seek assistance from a design agency. It might cost you more than your DIY job, but the ROI should pay for itself. They can also offer an objective eye; you may think your message is clear, but someone who isn’t as close to your business is your best test at making sure your message lands correctly. 


This point encompasses the previous two, really. When you think about all the elements you want on your marketing material, you quickly realise just how much information you *think* people want to see. We’ve seen some pretty ugly pieces of print marketing where pages are just filled with unnecessary information, lots of colours, images, maps, social icons…the list goes on. 

Tip 3: 

Keep. It. Simple. Do you really need to include a map on your handout? Does your intended audience need a company history rundown? Do you need to use three generic photos of the same people looking happy in an office? Again, strip it down to the intention of the piece (your CTA), strong use of company logo, clear, concise contact information (phone number and website can be enough!) and keep colours within your brand guidelines.

Overuse of Jargon

Have you ever read something and just thought, ‘what?’?! Overusing jargon can be extremely overwhelming and, frankly, irritating to readers. Showing expertise in your field is important, yes, but so is understanding your audience. Nail your print marketing and then let your actions, the service you provide, the products you sell speak for themselves. 

Tip 4: 

Keep jargon to a minimum and think about whether it’s needed. If you are marketing B2B, it probably has its place, but if you’re B2C, your customers will most likely turn a blind eye to it or, worse, not read it..! 

What are some of your favourite mistakes in print marketing?

Are there any other mistakes in print marketing we’ve missed? Let us know your favourite ones, and remember to get in touch if you need help with your next direct marketing campaign. 


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