More Than Just A Notebook And Pen

It’s what you leave behind that counts

They say first impressions count but what about what you leave behind? From exhibitions and events to meetings and networking sessions, promotional material is more than just a notebook and pen (even if it’s an actual notebook and pen). It’s about those connections – people buy from people and will remember you and your brand long after you’ve left the building.

Did you know, 84% of people stated that branded merchandise increases brand awareness? And, that over 56% of people are more likely to support a brand if they’re given a personal promotional gift? Beautiful, well-thought-out branded promotional items are good for your business, and long-term they make great business sense – because what you leave behind leaves a lasting impression.

Think outside the (branded) box 

When it comes to branded merchandise, it’s about thinking further ahead than what you can physically leave behind. It’s those touchpoints that act as a reminder. The “freebies” that come in handy, and with so much time spent connecting with colleagues and customers virtually right now, it’s never been more vital that we’re doing all we can to make that lasting impression. Think outside the box…

  • That lunchtime walk? Your branded travel mug will go a long way – time and time again
  • First meeting with that new client? What not consider branded headphones to give that personal and interactive experience and really stand out on screen!
  • Pitching a new idea? How about sending them a branded box of goodies as part of your pitch?

Think about gifts that can be retained.  A reusable tote bag that they’ll never leave home without, a USB stick because, we’re always rummaging around our desks for one, or even a good, old fashioned notebook and pen – they’re the gifts that keep on giving – and it’s got your name on it!

Tangible solutions 

Here’s an example, according to the Advertising Speciality Institute 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study, 43% of users keep a promotional USB stick for two or more years and 56% of people use a promotional desk accessory weekly or more. Still think branded gifts and promotional merchandise is old school?

Whether we’re sat at our desks on virtual pitches, hosting online events, or simply catching up with a potential new client, think about those everyday items, the ones we reach for at our desks throughout our working day –  the water bottles, the pens, the notebooks, the travel mugs, the headphones. Think about every time you use those items in a day. Now imagine that item had your brand on it. A constant visual, your walking advertisement, the modern-day business card. You get the picture!

If you’re looking for new ways to connect with your potential customers and to push your brand forward then put branded merchandise at the top of your agenda for 2021.

Thinking about leaving a lasting impression? Here at Clone Media, we can help you create the perfect branded products for your business that leaves a lasting impression.

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