Brochures: To print or not to print

Who doesn’t love a brochure?!

Brochures have been one of the most favoured pieces of marketing literature for many years. Go to any expo (those were the days), and you’ll undoubtedly be inundated with them; after all, they are a great way to get your brand messaging out there. They do especially well when they are excellent quality, quirky and inventive; think embossing, clear gloss, pop-ups and ‘lift the tabs’.

So, should you still be offering printed versions when it comes to brochure creation, or should you be creating video brochures in line with an online world?

The answer is, it depends. Yes, we groaned at that, too.

To Print

Whether you’re using it to plan your dream holiday (when we can..!), deciding on a new car or choosing a school for your children, having something to physically see, touch and use can enhance the decision-making process.

The first thing you need to consider is who you’re selling to. Is your intended audience more likely to use a printed brochure, or is the information they need better suited to the digital space? Keeping your target demographic in mind is paramount to getting your messaging across in the most effective way.

Making sense of nostalgia

Selling is all about exciting the senses, right? Someone holding your holiday brochure can truly immerse themselves in the picture you’re painting; they can hear the waves, they can feel the crunch of the snow on the slopes. They can pull on memories from previous holidays, and when you couple this with the nostalgia of days before tech when everything was in a brochure, you’re onto a winner. Nostalgia sells and is a proven marketing technique. 

And you know what, some people just enjoy the more traditional forms of marketing, opting for a digital detox in this ‘everything is online now’ world. 

Picture the scenario; you’re looking for an assisted care facility for your parent. You want them to be part of the decision making too. Rather than make them sit in front of a screen, which, let’s be honest, they may not understand or like, together you peruse a few brochures of potential options. The brochures you look at are warm, inviting, use large fonts, small sentences and are easy to follow. You and your loved one can take your time to consider and discuss options together, making for a relaxed experience all round. 

How stepping away from traditional printed brochures can elevate your marketing efforts.

We’ve explored why printed brochures work and why there’s still plenty of space for them in this overly digital world. Let’s now look at how turning that into a video version can work even better for you. 

Not to ‘Print’ – we want video brochures 

Well, we’re still technically printing a brochure, but rather than printing all of the information over a few pages, imagine your audiences’ delight when your brochure actually contains a mini tv screen that auto-plays, with sound upon opening?! 

Not only is this on trend with all things digital, but it can also be much more inclusive to a broader audience. Think about it, how many printed brochures typically use Braile? How many are available in multiple languages? Not many. 

With a video brochure, you can customise it to a much finer detail to suit your marketing objectives, thus reaching your audience on a much more personal level. Who doesn’t want to feel seen when they consume a piece of literature targeted to their intent? 

Technology can bring people together

Let’s revisit the assisted care scenario. It’s lovely to be able to flick through a brochure together but imagine having a tour of the facility and ‘meeting’ some of the people that would be providing care. All without having to cause confusion or distress by having to use a device. How much more likely are you to consider their care as an option? 

We’ve opted for a more emotive example in our post today, but video brochures are suited across a wide variety of sectors. Lead with emotion with tours and testimonials or get right to the point with product demos.

Like the sound of video brochures? Get in touch and let’s bring your vision to life.


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