Why Clone Media?

For personalised direct mail that packs a punch you need to bring in the professionals. Our expertise stretches from data security to production. We work with big brand names on powerful digital campaigns using variable data technology to create personalised direct mail pieces that really capture a customer’s attention. And that’s just the start.

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Design And Printing

Our design team produce creative campaigns helping our clients stay in touch with their customers using engaging direct mail. If you have your own creative team, we can work with your designs and implement the artwork specifications necessary for variable data and personalisation.

Design For Cost Savings

Yes, we know it doesn’t sound creative but understanding the rules for bulk mailing and how they apply to your design can add up to huge savings when it comes to postage costs.

Direct Mail Printing

Our print production process is geared to produce cost-effect print whatever the print run, with rigorous quality control inspection before fulfilment and distribution.

Data Cleansing

We have worked with databases ranging from 100s of names to 500,000 and understand the end-to-end direct mail process to minimise wastage and maximise engagement.

Data cleansing using the Royal Mail PAF® (Postcode Address File) system gives us access to the most up-to-date mailing address database in the UK to ensure you are not wasting money, or worse, mailing people you shouldn’t. This includes names and addresses of the deceased, gone-aways, duplicates and people subscribed to the mailing preferences services database (MPS).

This PAF system also auto-corrects addresses that may be incomplete or contain errors, with any unusable data fed back to you to help optimise your internal database systems. This leaves you with a cleaner list of names for a more effective direct mail campaign.

Security Is Paramount

When you entrust your data to us, we take our responsibilities seriously and do not physically store any data. Using SFTP (secure file transfer) to transfer your data electronically, we do not store or keep your marketing database – all data files are either returned or destroyed after your direct mail campaign has been sent.

Variable Data Printing

Maximise your marketing impact using personalised mailings. If you collect details about your customers, whether online or internally, you can combine clever design ideas with personalisation using variable data printing.

Depending on your budget and the size of your database, we can create personalised ideas that will make your customers think you sent a letter just to them (using their date of birth to insert an image based on their star sign, for example.)

Fulfilment And Postage

This is where our direct mail expertise really pays for itself. Our end-to-end service ensures your marketing campaigns reach their destination, working with you to take advantage of the most cost-effective route of distribution and mailing.

The process of collating and combining the elements of your campaign is simply streamlined thanks to our experience with printed paper, match mailing (inserts and envelopes) as well us bulkier inserts such as CDs and booklets.

Your postage options can be increased with larger mailings and opportunities to take advantage of the Royal Mail Mailsort services and equivalents from other providers.

Managing Returns

We can also implement a part or fully managed returns process for your direct mail campaign, acting as a return address to minimise disruption, with a barcoding system to manage defunct addresses out of your database.

Direct Mail Experience

Whether distributing electronic updates for internal comms for High Street stores or mailing vouchers and brochures as part of a customer retention programme, we can help you engage with your customers using personalised direct mail.

Large Format and Exhibition Stands

Packaging Production

USB Sticks

Direct Mail

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