Stand Out From the Crowd

Your company is ready to return to the world of in-person exhibitions and conferences, and you know you need to make an impression. It’s been a long two years, and people are finally feeling safe enough to return to live events. So now more than ever, you need to make a mark on attendees’ memories. 

But we’re not where we were two years ago; the virtual world has revolutionised the way we can meet from online engagement and the tightening up of presentations for ever-decreasing attention spans, there has been much to learn. This must now be re-integrated with physical stands. So today, we’ll be sharing what it means to truly stand out from the crowd in 2022!

What do you need your audience to do?

For many, there really is no replacement for in-person events, and their loss has been felt severely. However, on returning, we must ask ourselves, What is the stand’s objective?’ What do we need the stand to do, which we can’t just do online? 

We’ve most likely been to a conference hall filled to the brim with display stands. And one of the most challenging things is how similar they all look, which makes it more difficult to be remembered and to stand out from the rest. 

Great questions can be asked at this point, ‘Is there a key service or product that needs to be highlighted?’ or ‘Is the goal to book as many 1-2-1 follow up meetings?’ or simply do you want to offer an experiential visit, which stands out in their memories when they return home.

Bring your stand to life

There are multiple ways you can create a unique experience. Below are some of our ideas, but we love working with clients who like to think outside the box. Your imagination is our favourite kind of challenge.

1. Ground in Reality

A way to increase brand awareness for retailers is to, in some way, replicate the retail environment. As something recognisable to customers, it can be easier for their memories to latch on to it. Alternatively, this can be a chance for online retailers to have a physical representation of their business and bring the online into the real world.

2. One of a Kind

Make something special and unique for the event. For instance, a closed-off area with some kind of experience attached to it. This can be anything from an escape room to a light show to a product test area for new unseen products. Create an experience they can’t get elsewhere and bring your product or service to life.

3. Embrace Technology

In the last ten years, there has been a surge in technology, and in the break from in-person events, technology has come on leaps and bounds. Plus, people are more open to and almost expect technological elements. So use this to delight the attendees. For example, try incorporating headsets with products in use or immersive VR promotional games etc.

The goal to stand out is to inspire awe and, if you can, create the element of surprise. Fun and positive feelings attached to your brand will have them talking about you for days after the event and may even get you a mention on social media!

Case Study Kress 

Clone Media were delighted to be tasked by long term customer Kress to help them showcase their latest groundbreaking robotic lawnmower range. They wanted a unique design to make them noticeable and stand out, which was to have a fleet of their Robotik mowers attached to a vertical astroturf wall. 

A fantastic idea, though it came with multiple design and functionality challenges, mostly in ensuring the weight of the mowers would be supported correctly. Having successfully completed the brief, we were pleased to learn the stand won the ‘Best Stand’ award at the exhibition.  

Top tips for standing out from the crowd

  1. Make sure it’s clear who you are from one glance. Consider the line of sight, as conference-goers will come at it from multiple directions.
  2. Standard displays are often box shapes, but in recent years, it’s become easier to be more flexible and creative within the spaces offered by event runners. From cinemas to basketball courts to movie scene replicas, embrace your wildest ideas to be different from the rest. 
  3. Use local geography, history or environment to add a unique flavour to your stand and connect with people on a human level. 
  4. Film a bespoke video or create an interactive experience tailored to the event to make your attendees feel special. This can be useful for those attending online to feel included when they can’t be there in person. 

Get in touch and let Clone Media bring your wildest ideas to life. We’re happy to assist from concept design to set-up, whatever you need for your stand to be the stand everyone talks about.


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