How to create stand-out print marketing that gets results

Stand out from your competition with print marketing. Far from going “out of fashion”, we believe passionately that print is enjoying a rebirth. Modern methods mean you can produce brilliant print quality that influences your target audience.

Designing your printed marketing is creative and great fun, and here at Clone, we’re always happy to help. We’ll assist you in producing a print campaign that people will want to pick up and read.

To get you thinking about your next successful campaign, here are some top tips on presenting your print marketing in the best possible way.

Keep it simple

White space is your friend, don’t be afraid of it. If you keep your design clean, clutter-free and your copy to a minimum, you’ll make your marketing attractive and effective. Want to take it that step further? Why not try going white-on-white? Create texture by using embossing for a look that’s trendy and sophisticated.


Use your printing design as an opportunity to be playful. Leap outside the box and use the format to your advantage by considering how your marketing will work in the hands of customers. You can include pages which fold out to reveal more information, making your campaign interactive and eye-catching.

Use shapes for impact

Try using geometric shapes and colours to create a design that stands out. Shapes which use contrasting colours against their background can attract attention to a particular message.

Design and print options

Traditionally, printed marketing might be no more than a piece of paper. These days we’re printing with more adventurous formats that are ever more effective.


The material you use should reflect how you want your customers to feel about your company. For example, if you use recycled material, it gives the receiver the impression that you’re environmentally friendly.

Die cuts

This is an innovative way of enticing your customers to interact with your printed marketing. If you create a window on the cover, readers might see part of an image, which then tempts them to open it up and reveal the whole thing.

Angular cuts

In a similar vein, you could also get inventive by creating a design featuring an angular cut. Not only will your print look interesting but you could then make it fold out uniquely, too – how fun is that?


Don’t forget to be creative and fun with your typography. You could also try using imagery within your typeface which will catch the reader’s eye and help to convey a message.

Print it right

The last tip is super important: ensure you put your printed marketing in the right hands. There’s nothing more frustrating than creating a great design but being let down by the standard of printing.

At Clone we provide high-quality printing alongside our design, mailing and client services.

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