Vibrant print getting better results than ever

Being able to feel and interact with print makes it a physical experience that gives your marketing campaigns a boost. Most people prefer to flick through a printed catalogue or brochure rather than a digital version.

On top of that, your print often sticks around for a while, perhaps on a coffee table in the office staff room, or in a meeting room. Potential customers can then grab the chance to have a read at their leisure.

Make it personal

Businesses know more about their customers than ever before, so savvy companies use personalised printing to make their customers feel valued.

Most of us are aware of being targeted online with adverts and emails based on our browsing behaviour. Clever algorithms seem to know so much about us!

In contrast, most people recognise that personalising print takes a lot more thought and preparation. As a result, it’s proven that the engagement, response and conversion rates are higher when personalisation is used.

Stand out from the crowd

With many companies choosing to cut back on print, there’s never been a better time for you to embrace it because the online marketplace has become overcrowded.

Offline opportunities are greater because there’s less competition than digital. You’re also able to target your audience, certainly better than digital adverts that may not be shown to the people that matter to you.

It’s important to experiment with the latest technology and branding to keep your print evolving. The more creative the print, the more people are likely to pay attention!

Clone Media can help with all aspects of your next print campaign, from design through to packaging options, printing, mailing and returns management.

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