Video brochures add wow factor to promo campaigns

Video brochures are a fun and innovative way to get your company’s message across to customers. They’ll love opening the brochure and being surprised by a video playing automatically with your bespoke content.

It’s engaging and sets you apart from the crowd, generating terrific results.

What campaigns suit video brochures?

Video brochures are perfect for advertising promotions or launching new products. Because they get your targets’ attention, you can go to town.

Chelsea FC knows a thing or two about winning, and we were thrilled to create a cool video brochure for the club, sent out to business leaders offering sponsorship packages.

They can also make awesome keepsakes, like the ones we created for Royal Ascot, with a brochure containing a replay of each race presented to the winning jockey!

There is no end to the creativity that a video brochure brings to your campaign.

Long live direct mail

Some companies can be reluctant to send out direct mailers because they’re worried about ROI. But direct mailers aren’t dead! With modern design, printing and technology, direct mailers like video brochures are super cool to receive.

Your message, played automatically with sound when the brochure is opened is intriguing for any potential customer.

What types of video brochure are there?

Here at Clone Media, we can produce a range of different shapes and styles of video brochures, all designed just how you want them.

If you’re looking for a small and personal video brochure which can be held in hand, we have a business-card size screen.

We can make it bigger, up to six-inch screens. The screens can be removable, or we can even add in a folder section for you to include special documents for the reader.

There’s off-the-shelf packaging if required, or you can customise the packaging to your exact requirements. Options include:

  • Custom design shapes (die-cut) and sizes
  • Choice of material (card, rigid board, plastic, aluminium, velvet, leather, PVC)
  • Choice of print finishing (laminated, embossed, spot UV, foil-block etc.)

Work with Clone Media today

Why not check out our page of different video brochures we’ve done for happy clients and see how we can help you today? We can manage your video brochure campaign from start to finish, with our in-house team assisting with as many of the design stages as you need.

We offer creative and design for the brochure, support and advice for your video file, cost-effective print and production, media duplication for your video and all your fulfilment and logistics.

Take a look at our video brochure range here:


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